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Ike Willis

By the end of the 70's Zappa was looking for a second front man. It should be someone with talent and presence of a Napoleon Murphy Brock but on the other hand totally different. Anyway, he should take the substantial vocal parts Zappa wanted to restrain from.

The singer and guitarist met Frank Zappa in 1977 at a concert in the backstage area. Zappa engaged him and so he's been a band member since 1988, except the tours in 1981 and 1982. This was the time when such succinct albums as Joe´s Garage, Thing-Fish, Tinseltown Rebellion und You Are What You Is developed, with his expressive and unmistakable voice.

On Joe´s Garage he can „only“ be heard as singer, later then as guitarist, too. He can't say which song has impressed him most or which has been the most complicated one. They are all different and belong to such various categories so it's impossible for him to decide.

So Ike Willis is the one who's been for the longest time in Zappa's permanently changing line-ups. Ike had the impression that when they met Zappa had lost the fun, although he's been enormously productive. Fortunately that changed from album to album and Zappa got back to his motto  "The stupider it is, the better we like it!".


Paul Greens RockAcademy (US)

Paul Green is a musician, control freak, and founder of school of Rock and The Paul Green Rock Academy (PGRA).

In 2009 Green sold the School of Rock, which today has more than 100 branches across the country, to the parent company of the Sylvan Learning Center. Though he left School of Rock the passion to teach kids music, especially ZAPPA music, never left him. So he opened a new kids music school: THE PAUL GREEN ROCK ACADEMY, which operates with the same love for music and wild ambition as the original School of Rock.


Paul Greens RockAcademy (US) feat. Denny Walley & Ike Willis

Paul Green is a musician, control freak, and founder of school of Rock and PGRA.

In 2009 Green sold the School of Rock to the parent company of the Sylvan Learning Center. He says he got “seven figures” for the School of Rock franchise, which today has more than 100 branches across the country.

That money may run out, but the passion that fueled him never died. So, determined to teach all he’d learned about music, and the business of it, he decided to open a college of rock: The Paul Green Rock Academy.


Ike Willis & Zappatika feat. Denny Walley, Ed Mann, Jeff Hollie ...

"Since we first played with IKE WILLIS, at Zappanale in 2010, a lot happened with ZAPPATiKA. We changed various band members, we played lots of different shows all over Europe, and, of course, we learned a huge amount from wonderful musicians like Ike Willis and Jeff Hollie. We are so happy that we can now bring this very special "Joe's garage" show to Bad Doberan and that this show will bring Ike Willis, Ed Mann, Denny Walley, Jeff Hollie, Craig "Twister" Steward and maybe even more alumni from that album all on stage together! It will be a joy for the fans to hear those songs with the original Sax, Harmonica, Slide Guitar and, of course, the voice of Joe - Mr. Ike Willis !"

Zap Mcinnes (ZAPPATiKA)


music 4 the mindful minority!

By the end of the 90's ZAPPATiKA was founded by the Celt Mcinnes (vocals, guitar) and the Dutch-Indonesian Batta-Tutti (drums) with the objective of giving themselves over to Frank Zappa's music. It is rumored that when they were listening to some Zappa pieces, in a small room with several electric instruments as well with some bottles of wine and strange green cigarettes, they took their instruments and started playing zappaesque nonsense. 

In the first instance they recruited the rhythm guitar player and singer Zomby Woof and percussionist and singer Bongo Fury. Later bassist The Kid and keyboarder Doctor Lau joined in.

Meanwhile they became a fantastic live band, performing on European festival stages with an extensive repertoire of Zappa titles and a lot of own compositions. Although their show is peppered with some strange and funny moments (wait and see!) they don't get lost in fooling about.  In fact their respectable claim can be seen especially in the complex and excessive instrumental passages.

But all in all interpretations of Uncle Frankie's works are always disputatious. When modern samples and dance rhythms are linked with disco-like bass play and fat beats it can be a cultural shock. But that's nothing unusual for Zappanale, hm?

BATTATUTTI: the drums
ZAP MCiNNES: lead guitar and lead vocals
ZOMBY WOOF: guitar and backing vocals
BONGO FURY: percussion-xylophone, synths and sings quite a bit too
JOEP: bass


Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
The Torture stops in 300 days!