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Studio Dan (AUT)

When four years ago Studio Dan, a band consisting of 17 musicians together with their instruments entered the stage, the audience attended a highly acclaimed concert. That's why we absolutely wanted to present this orchestra, equipped with amongst others cello, violin and contrabass combined with electronically amplified music again to you... and now they even are going to play twice.

The name of the band, Studio Dan, doesn't come out of the blue: The ensemble of 17 deduced it from Frank Zappa's album Studio Tan (1979) and it's a major bow to him. Frank Zappa's totally open-minded attitude against all kind of music, together with his humor inspired the band from the beginning. The combination of any „light music“ and all possible ways to play the so-called „art music“, is probably still unique and maybe hasn't still achieved the relevance yet which it really has. The line-up is offering both personally and instrumentally everything necessary to feature this „unlimited“ kind of music.

The formation Studio Dan was founded by Daniel Riegler in 2005 within the line of the first festival of JazzWerkstatt Wien. The ensemble started as Big Band and in the meantime they are performing in several large formations. The band is moving around between advanced ranges of experimental and contemporary music – between improvisation and new music, jazz and prog rock, to name only a few keywords.

During their second perfomance on Mystery Stage Studio Dan are going to perform works from Varèse, Stravinsky and Zappa.

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the Z27TimeTable

Wednesday, July 13. 2016
14:00 – Am Markt 3 – Openning Exhibition
20:00 – HH St.Katharinen – Inventionis Mater, Siglinde Koch-Sembdner, Uwe Warschkow

Thursday, July 14. 2016
10:00-14:00 – Am Markt 3 – Ausstellung/Exhibition open

16:00 - 17:00 – Kamp – Zappnoise
17:30 - 19:00 – Kamp – Paul Green’s Rockacademy feat. Ed Mann
19:00 - 20:15 – Kino – Guy Bickel – Behind the Garage Door
20:15 - 21:15 – Kamp – Guranfoe
20:45 - 22:15 – Kino – Like a Sickness – The ZMovie
21:30 - 23:00 – Kamp – Bad Penny

Friday, July 15. 2016
10:00-14:00 – Am Markt 3 – Ausstellung/Exhibition open
11:00-11:45 – Am Markt 3 – Z.E.R.O

15:00-16:15 – MainStage – Lex Bronkowitz Orchestra
16:45-17:45 – MysteryStage – Cowboys from Hell
18:15-20:00 – MainStage – The Muffin Men feat. Denny Walley & Ed Mann, Special Guest: Candy Zappa
20:00-20:30 – Arf-Tent – red sofa interview – Fried Dähn
20:30-21:30 – MysteryStage – Stabat Akish
22:00-00:00 – MainStage – The Magic Band
00:30-02:00 – MysteryStage – October Equus

Saturday, July 16. 2016
10:00-14:00 – Am Markt 3 – Ausstellung/Exhibition open
11:00-11:45 – Am Markt 3 – Don & Bunk

13:00-15:00 – Stage-Tent – Jim Cohen
15:00-16:30 – MainStage – Hazmat Modine
16:30-17:00 – Arf-Tent – red sofa interview – John French
17:00-18:15 – MysteryStage – Z.E.R.O.
18:45-20:30 – MainStage – Paul Green’s Rockacademy feat. Ed Mann
21:00-22:00 – MysteryStage – BSG 9
22:30-00:00 – MainStage – Zappy Birthday Mister Frank
00:30-02:30 – MysteryStage – SЮR BAND (SUR BAND)

Sunday, July 17. 2016
10:00-14:00 – Am Markt 3 – Ausstellung/Exhibition open
11:00-11:45 – Am Markt 3 – Inventionis Mater
12:00-12:45 – Am Markt 3 – Frank Wonneberg "Frank freaks out"

13:00-14:00 – Arf-Tent – Versammlung Arf Society e.V.
14:00-15:30 – MainStage – The Dorf
15:30-16:00 – Arf-Tent – red sofa interview – Candy Zappa / Nolan Porter
16:00-17:00 – MysteryStage – HyperCulte
17:30-19:00 – MainStage – The Grandmothers & The Yellow String Quartet feat. Ed Mann
19:15-20:15 – MainStage – Goodbye Session
20.30-21:45 – MysteryStage – Jazzprojekt Hundehagen


Like a Sickness

LIKE A SICKNESS is a personal journey into the secrete realm of  true enthusiasm, to people, who are infected by an incurable virus till their early youth: the Fans of Frank Zappa and his music. 
We try to figure out, what it meant to be infected by this virus, which astonishingly has found some very willing victims in the GDR. Why could it influence you your whole life long? And why could it give you the power to organize a festival for more than 25 Years just to be able to listen to that kind of music being played live? 
Every year the small spa-town Bad Doberan is becoming a mecca for Zappa-Fans and -musicians from all over the world. They are looking for release from their infection in a vacation area in the backwoods of former GDR.
In interviews with Fans, Musicians, Collectors and Journalists we are telling the story of the Zappanale as a festival of fans, who bravely fight against common musical phrases and the marketing strategies of music industry. By that they are keeping a musical avant-garde alive which has disappeared from radio and tv in our times. 
The test screening is in german and english with no subtitles!

Patrice ‚Candy‘ Zappa

Patrice Zappa ist Frank Zappa's “little” sister. Her brother Karl always called her Candy because she was so sweet.

Already at the age of 13 she performed with her brother Frank and Ray Collins at the Pit. The Pit was a restaurant which her father had acquired somewhere between 1962 and 1963. It was located at Foothill Boulevard, Upland in California.

Later she performed the music from her brother Frank amongst others together with Nigey Lennon, the Ed Palermo Big Band and with Project/Object.

She has been invited as “Special Guest” to Zappanale #13, where the Zappa statue had been inaugurated together with a  lot of other international  guests.

2003 she published her book "My Brother Was A Mother".

2011 Candy published the album "To Be Perfectly Frank", which contains both Zappa compositions and miscellaneous audio comments.

She also has written the preface for the jubilee book „25 years of Zappanale“.

Interview by Andrew Greenaway:



Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
The Torture stops in 300 days!