Become Zappanale Ambassador

How about getting the chance to obtain free tickets, merch or other great goodies by becoming official Zappanale ambassador? What you have to do for it?! Very simple: Become an official festival ambassador and provide your friends with tickets. For every ticket sold to a first-time visitor*, you will receive points that you can exchange for exclusive rewards!


Become Zappanale Ambassador! Sell 6 tickets and get the admission free!

Sign up as Zappanale Ambassador and earn free passes, merch, or other goodies for supplying tickets to your friends. Te most successful among you can even receive free tickets. Sounds good?



The »Green Camp« and the »Suncamp« are open for you from Tuesday to Monday – please check the news for the exact times.

Entering the campgrounds is permitted only with a valid ticket, the same applies to visitors to the campground guests. Children and adolescents under 16 years camping only if accompanied by a parent or guardian or legal representative.

For earlier arriving festival visitors: towards Heiligendamm / Jagdhaus Heiligendamm there is parking, which is suitable for campers etc..

PROTECTING NATURE: The tree-lined “Allee” boulevards, the »GREEN CAMP« and EVERYTHING GREEN YOU SEE AROUND YOU is PROTECTED BY LAW (§19 NatSchAG M-V, a German law, but believe me, you’d be answering to a Higher Authority...): “All acts which may lead to their destruction, damage, or which change them in a negative manner are VERBOTEN. The perpetrator bears full and sole responsibility for any damages occurring.” Use your head.

Camping: Tent camping and entering the tent area are only permitted with a valid festival ticket. This goes for GUESTS OF TENT CAMPERS as well. Children and minors under the age of 16 may only camp when accompanied by a parent, guardian or formally appointed supervisor (don’t worry, they always fall asleep first).


Journey / Accomodation

You decided to come to the Zappanale for the first time in your life? We are looking forward to seeing you and would like to give you some advice.

A lot of our guests incur exertions and are visiting us from all over the world.

You are one of them and arrive by plane? Then you want to arrive either at Hamburg or Berlin (Tegel/Schönefeld) from where Bad Doberan can be reached best. By train you will travel approx. 3-4 hours.


We Don´t FAQ Around

But we will answer some of your questions and give information about what you might expect from Zappanale.

„I like to go to concerts but a festival is too stressful “

That may be right in 99% - but then there is still the one percent, which is booked by us. Zappanale is a festival for the whole family. And maybe some of the freaks look a bit strange - here everything happens in a relaxed atmoshpere. For your relief you may spend a bit of your time in a hammock, doze off in the chill out tent or leave the jubilating masses to get a coffee or a cold drink.


Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
The Torture stops in 300 days!