We Don´t FAQ Around

We Don´t FAQ Around

But we will answer some of your questions and give information about what you might expect from Zappanale.

„I like to go to concerts but a festival is too stressful “

That may be right in 99% - but then there is still the one percent, which is booked by us. Zappanale is a festival for the whole family. And maybe some of the freaks look a bit strange - here everything happens in a relaxed atmoshpere. For your relief you may spend a bit of your time in a hammock, doze off in the chill out tent or leave the jubilating masses to get a coffee or a cold drink.

„I think it's exhausting when you leave your place and then have to watch the rest of the concert from behind.“

Maybe that's how it is in 99%.... No! At Zappanale that's not the case. Nobody needs to "secure" his place. During the breaks everybody is moving crisscross. And when the next band starts you may unhurriedly return to the stage.

„What bothers me most are the conditions of the toilets at big events!"

That did annoy us, too. That's why we have sanitary facilities which are getting cleaned regularly and additionally toilets handled with staff. Here you need to pay a small obolus but we won't resign from this standard anymore. Of course there are enough showers, too.

„I was once at an open air concert and there it rained cats and dogs. I was soaked to the skin... I don't want to experience that again.“

Yeah, that will create bad temper. For having a cheerful atmosphere at Zappanale even when the weather's bad we have a huge tent opposite to the MainStage.

„Where can I spend the night, and how do I come from there to the festival?“

Directly at the festival grounds at the racecourt there are the Suncamp and the Greencamp for holders of festival tickets or day tickets for free. Guests without a valid ticket must pay a camping fee of 60,- Euro. You can get to Zappatown Bad Doberan and back with Molli, a narrow-gauge-railway. Of course it's possible to look for accommodation in Bad Doberan and surroundings.

„And what about catering?“

At the festival ground which opens already in the morning you can get an inexpensive breakfast. During the day you will find here anything else from the notorious half-meter-sausage to far eastern delicacies, several snacks, vegetarian food, fresh fish and of course a lot of tasty cold drinks, wine, single malt or the best coffee at all. In Bad Doberan which isn't far away you will find supermarkets and beverage stores.

„Do I have to pay for waste disposal at the camping grounds or maybe do I have compulsive hoarders as neighbours?"

We don't have compulsive hoarders at Zappanale and they're not welcome either. Our fans don't like hills of trash around their tents and dispose of them voluntarily into the forthcoming containers. So we are not forced to charge you for waste disposal.

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Zappanale #31

15. - 17.07.2022
The Torture stops in 395 days!